Mr.Uday Kumar Kolar
I can't thank Dr. Shiva Kumar enough for his excellent care of my wife. She developed a kidney stone too big to pass very early on a Sunday morning when we were visiting Bangalore. It was, as they say in commercials, priceless, to see my wife relieved of excruciating pain.

Mr. Rudra - Gynaecomastia

I underwent correction of Gynecomastia by Dr. Madhukumar in June2013. I want to thank Dr. Madhu kumar for the change that he has brought in my life, which made me feel confident in the present world.
Here comes the scenario... I was shy to take off my shirt in front of my friends and even in front of my family members due to the odd shape of my chest that I had noticed at the time of my intermediate(12th standard) and from that time I was completely out of any kind of outdoor activities related to water...Due to this I got frustrated and depressed everyday and as per suggestion of my close friend, I got to know about the surgery for gynecomastia and started researching about that. I got a list of doctors and trust me friends, I met 7 doctors including Dr. Madhukumar and felt positive after talking to Dr. Madhukumar.
Trust me friends, the hospital staff giving importance and the way they make you feel comfortable(especially for those who attempt to undergo a surgery for first time) till discharge is really appreciable. Sincerely, from my bottom of my heart I thank Dr. Madhukumar for everything and being patient throughout the process. I would sincerely suggest Dr. Madhukumar to anyone who is still thinking whether to consult a doctor on this issue or not and whether to undergo the surgery.
MR. Rajeev Sharma Bangalore
I completely trust Dr. ​Shivakumar's​ recommendations. He was so informative and kind. He and his staff are the best I have ever ​come across, This is an awesome clinic. So professional, yet warm and friendly.
Mr. Raghavendra Rao, Tumkur
Dr. Shiva Kumar was EXCELLENT! He spent so much time with us - answering our emails and phone calls, helping us to make decisions for my wife. We were very impressed with his service and treatment.​
Mrs. Pooja Vittal Mysore
Dr. Shiva Kumar explained and gave excellent care. My son had total confidence in him. He was very caring and even gave us a personal follow up call after surgery. He even gave us other specialty physicians to follow up with on other medical issues outside of his practice. He is an exceptional doctor and caring individual.​
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