Endourology is a specialization in Urology that concerns minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat kidney stones and other urinary tract defects. We at Shree Srinivasa Urocare have the best equipment for Endourological surgeries which enhances the efficacy of our treatments.


It is a treatment procedure as well as a diagnostic procedure to detect any kidney stone. At SS Urocare we offer treatments for Urethroscopy (used to treat blockage or stricture of the urethra), Ureteroscopy (used to treat stones and tumors of the ureter), Nephroscopy (used to treat stones and tumors of the lining of the kidney), Cystoscopy(used to treat urinary bladder stones and tumors.) This procedure can also be used to remove obstructive prostate tissues.


With Endourology, the stone may be taken out or fragmented into pieces using instruments that are inserted into the body through the external urinary opening. SS Urocare is one of the best Urology centers in Bangalore providing the best minimally invasive surgery to treat kidney stones with minute or no trauma to the patient with its highly skilled Urologist Dr.K.S.Shiva Kumar, who is practicing successfully for more than a decade.