Female Urology Treatment in Bangalore

Female Urology also known as Urogynecology is a highly specific branch of Urology that deals with diagnosis and treatment of problems solely related to the female genitourinary tract. If you are looking for female urology treatment in Bangalore, Shree Srinivasa Urocare should be your destination.

Book an appointment with the best urology doctor in Bangalore at SSurocare, we offers female urology in Bangalore which includes stress incontinence, leaking of urine, urinary incontinence treatment in Indhiranagar.

female urology treatment in bangalore


What are the most common urological conditions affecting females?

Females, like males may also suffer from urological conditions. There are certain conditions specifically affecting females. These include :

1. Interstitial cystitis

2. Overactive bladder

3. Pelvic organ prolapse

4. Pelvic pain

5. Sexual dysfunction

6. Sexually transmitted diseases

7. Urinary tract infections

8. Incontinence

How do I know that I am suffering from a urological condition?

There are certain signs and symptoms which indicate that you are suffering from some kind of urological condition. These conditions include: Difficulty urinating, Pain or burning while urinating, Blood or other discharge in urine, Fever, Chills, Lower back pain, Pain in genitals. If you are having any such features, it may be indicative of some sort of urological condition. So, without any further delay, visit us at Shree Srinivasa Urocare and get a consultation with our renowned Urologists.

What happens when I visit an Urologist?

When you will first visit us here at SS Urocare, our doctors will review your medical history, ask you regarding the issue you are facing, examine you clinically and then send you for confirmatory diagnostic tests at our lab.

We are a fully equipped urology care hospital and have our own laboratory. You come to us with your urological conditions and we assure you the best and complete treatment under one roof by our eminent Urologists.

What diagnostic tests are done in Urocare hospitals?

The kind of diagnostic test solely depends on the condition you are suspected of. It includes several blood tests to urine analysis, sometimes USGs. When you visit us here at SS Urocare, our doctors will explain to you the condition you are suffering from and the treatment plan best suited for you. They will prescribe the diagnostic tests required, once done, they will begin with the treatment.

We at Shree Srinivasa Urocare provide all treatments related to female urology in Bangalore, India. Our chief consultant Dr.K.S.Shiva Kumar, one of the best urologists in Bangalore is well known for treating such cases successfully for over 10 years now. He is a renowned Urologist in Bangalore.

If you have any further queries, you can book an appointment with us and visit us at Shree Srinivas Urocare. We will be more than happy to be of help to you.