Kidney Transplantation in Bangalore

kidney transplantation in bangalore


If you are looking for a kidney transplant in Bangalore, Shree Srinivas Urocare is the place you should come to. With our highly experienced urologists on board with us, we have been successfully performing kidney transplant since a very long time now.

Kidney transplantation is a cure to those ailing patients suffering from any end stage renal disease such as kidney failure. It is the ultimate permanent solution for the disease.

What is a kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure. By this procedure, the deceased kidney is replaced with a healthy one. Sometimes, our kidney becomes completely non-functional. In that case, that kidney is replaced with a healthy one.

Now, from where do we get the healthy kidney?

There are people who donate their kidneys. The donor kidney is received from a living or a non-living person who had decided to donate his/her kidney after death. We always prefer a family member to be the donor, since the genetic component remains somewhat similar. Once we receive a donor, we check if their kidney is in a healthy condition. If so, then we replace the damaged one with the healthy kidney.

What is the average life expectancy after a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant is a life saving procedure. A person will require a kidney transplant only when their kidneys have become completely non-functional. As we all know, kidneys are a main organ of our body. One can not really survive if their kidney doesn’t function. With a kidney transplant, the person gets a whole new life.

The average life expectancy after a kidney transplant ranges between 12-20 years.

Can anyone get a kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant can be done to any person, be it a kid or an adult. But, there are certain medical conditions that does not allow for a transplant. You might have heard the term “transplant rejection”. When your body reacts with the received kidney, then it is known as a transplant rejection. It means that the immune system of the body has rejected the received organ. In that case, transplant can not be performed.other than that, people suffering from cancer are also not advised for a transplant.

Is kidney transplant a painful procedure?

The kidney transplant in itself is not so painful since it is done under complete general anaesthesia. But dialysis may be required on a regular basis till the newly planted kidney becomes fully functional. That may lead to pain and some soreness.

What is the cost for a kidney transplant at our hospital?

SS Urocare is one of the best urocare centres in Bangalore. Our charge is at par with the treatment we provide. We can assure you the best quality treatment at our hospital at an affordable rate by the best urologists in town. On an average a kidney transplant cost in Bangalore is around 5 lakhs.

At Shree Srinivasa Urocare, we have been dealing with several ailments related to the kidney and curing them with utmost efficacy over years with our team of the best urologists in Bangalore.

Like any other surgical procedure kidney transplantation too has its own risks. But the cure it provides surpasses any risk that involves it. If you have any further queries, you can visit us at SS Urocare. We are available 24*7 for any kind of emergency service.